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Gather in teams of two or three people. We recommend three teams per board game. Each team picks a lieutenant meeple and places it in the Capitol (START).


Sort the cards according to their region, and place the seven decks around the board. The top card of each deck has a picture of the region on the front and a QR code on the back.


Place one, two, or three tokens in each of the seven regions of Grammarian. Tokens cannot be placed on portals.


Who has most recently celebrated their birthday? Whichever team that person is on takes the first turn.

How to play

Learn how to play with this quick video!


How to play


Choose Recruit if you are fairly new to English grammar.

Choose Easy if you have a basic knowledge of English grammar.

Choose Normal if you have an intermediate knowledge of English grammar.

Choose Hard if you have an advanced knowledge of English grammar.


A team can move up to three spaces per turn. They have to move one space as a minimum. If the team ends on a space without a monster token, their turn ends.


When a team moves onto a space with a token, click on the question card on the screen in the matching region. Read the question aloud.


If your team answers correctly, you get to keep the monster token and flip it to the side with the one point symbol. Then your turn ends. If your team answers incorrectly, your turn ends and the token stays on the board.


When a team moves into a new region, press play on the introduction video for that region. You only need to listen to each introduction video once during the game. Add subtitles by clicking on CC next to the audio control.


Six purple portals are located on the board. If your team jumps through one portal during your turn, you can choose which other portal you wish to jump out of. Jumping in and out of a portal counts as one move.


The game ends when all monsters have been defeated and all monster tokens have been removed from the board. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. If two teams have the same number of points, it is a tie.